Late April Cedar Key Fishing Report

April 27, 2015

Cedar Key Inshore Fishing Report Hi all, in Cedar Key the speckled trout are still plentiful on the grass flats in 3 to 5 feet of water and seem to be moving in front of north key and sea horse key. The Spanish Mackerel are there as well, both the speckled trout and Spanish mackerel are hitting on live shrimp, mud minnows and frozen finger mullet. Also all the different flavors of gulp are working too. The red fish have also moved in around the oyster bars and pass’s and up close to the islands. There has been some reports […]

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Gulf Fishing Is Alive and Well

January 23, 2013

Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico is alive and well. Our recent warm spell has the Speckled Trout and Redfish moving from the skinny water (creeks and guts) out onto the shallow flats. Depending on the weather, this may or may not be a temporary situation. January and February is your best bet for those huge spawning Gator Trout, although typically this time of year it takes a kayak or air boat to find them. Better get them while the gettings good. The Sheepshead bite has also been very good this season. Look for them around structures such as pilings and […]

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Big Bend Fish On The Move …….

December 4, 2010

Recent cold fronts have the fish moving in off the Dixie, Levy & Citrus County coasts. By the time you read this report, a huge fish migration will have taken place in the Big Bend. Typically we see a slow migration of several different species of fish move inshore during the winter months, but like they say, “every rule has its exception”. This year (with the moderate temperatures we’ve had followed by the sudden prolonged cold snap) will no doubt send the vast majority of “Game Fish” in the region scurrying for warmer water, virtually overnight. Unfortunately, the fronts bring […]

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The Trout Are In The Grass Flats

October 15, 2010

My apologies for the way over due salt water fishing report. Honestly, over the last few months we’ve had few salt water fishing inquiries, likely due to the spill, and or the economy. Fortunately, the fishing in our area was not effected by either. We made a short re-con trip on Tuesday, 10/12, and found plenty of Trout on the grass flats just north of Yankeetown, although most of them were small. This area just off the Levy County Coast is south of Cedar Key and is well known for Sea Trout, Red Fish, Tarpon, and a wide variety of […]

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February 2, 2010

The stars all lined up last Thursday, 1/28, and we finally got the opportunity to get over to the Progress Energy Hot Water Discharge Canal at Crystal River. Friday the 29th was the full moon, so we had the advantage of an extreme high tide around 1 p.m., along with light east winds and mild temps. The perfect day, or so it seemed. As we shoved off, I couldn’t help but think about the recent fish kills in the area, and what if any effect it would have on the fishing. Unfortunately, we didn’t have to go very far before seeing the […]

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