• barney luallen says:

    listen i like what your doing here but the people who don’t fish there a lot don’t really what to drive a 100 miles to fish and have no clue where to start so may be you might think about putting some starter g.p.s coordinates i’m not asking you to go and give your best places to fish up just starter numbers that way they can at lest catch fish and want to come back and hunt there on numbers and it just might bring more business your way that’s just my way of thinking because it’s hard to go fishing where you have’t been be for because i’v had that happen to me be for and i just don’t go back i’m just saying some thing like keaton beach marina has just wanted to say thank’s and keep on fishing

  • Mike B. says:

    Got to fishing status.com for some numbers, or some are available on the florida sportsman fishing charts. They carry them at wal mart and most marinas. You can also purchase them on line. There is also a free I pad app called “skipper”, which has nautical charts. Most named places on the noaa charts are a good start. Good luck, and keep your line tight.

  • Monty says:

    Trout and red fish are doing well. May I suggest going south, fish around Shired island

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