slick-charters-saltwater-galmour-shotFishing in the Gulf of Mexico is alive and well. Our recent warm spell has the Speckled Trout and Redfish moving from the skinny water (creeks and guts) out onto the shallow flats.

Depending on the weather, this may or may not be a temporary situation. January and February is your best bet for those huge spawning Gator Trout, although typically this time of year it takes a kayak or air boat to find them. Better get them while the gettings good.

The Sheepshead bite has also been very good this season. Look for them around structures such as pilings and markers. Scrapping the barnacles off any kind of structure is a great way to chum-em-up.

I had a report of a good sized Snook being caught off the Levy/Citrus Coast last week. Not typical, but a good sign that they’re also alive and well.

Good Luck & ‘Til next time…see you on the Gulf!
Captain Nick
This Yankeetown & Big Bend Fishing Report is from Yankeetown Florida Fishing Guide Captain Nick
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