The Speckled Trout Have Been Plentiful And Large

March 15, 2013

Winter is kinda hanging on here in mid March. I hope it is the last of it. The fishing however has been great. Sheephead showed up right on schedule, the Speckled Trout have been plentiful and large and the next few weeks should be real good for the Porgie fish. As water temps rise Specks will take up residence on the flats. If the cool nights continue I think they’ll stay close creeks and deep water access. Same thing goes for Redfish, except it seems to require a south breeze and sunshine for them to bite. Fishing the cooler water […]

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Let’s Talk About Fishing

November 7, 2012

Well now that we got the election out of the way, let’s talk about fishing in Steinhatchee. Water temps have dropped and the water continues to clear. Speckled Trout bite on the flats has been real good and I expect it will continue until the water drops to levels uncomfortable for the fish. Shallow (3 ft or less ) and cut bait is the strategy I have used. Light jigs such as the Saltwater Assassin 1/16 oz, or Pro Elite with a Saltwater Assassin 5″ Electric Chicken or Pink will work very well if you like to feel a bite […]

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Rainey Days, Scallop Report & Fishing Report

June 25, 2012

Rainy days have a way of making me sorry, not that I need much help. But watching a few recorded fishing shows makes me want to talk about fishing when the weather is bad. So here I am watching Debby sit out there in the Gulf and dump large amounts of needed rain on us here on the Big Bend Gulf. Our summer fishing has been great so far. July 1st opens recreational  Scallop Season and we are expecting the usual large crowds here in Steinhatchee. I have seen scallops from the boat this year, but have not been in […]

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Steinhatchee Fishing Report By Captain Steve Kroll

May 21, 2012

Hey Steinhatchee & fans, we are still enjoying a shallow bite for Speckled Trout, mostly on cutbait.  Persistant use of light weight jigheads like the Saltwater Asssassin 1/16 oz with a 5 inch pink or Electric Chicken Assassin tail will work. If you like casting plugs you have to look for areas clear of floating grass, which are few and probably will remain that way through the summer. Try going weedless, Texas style, if larger Trout and Redfish are your target. Limits of large Speckled Trout (one trout per person over 20 inches) have been common. Redfish have been […]

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Hey Steinhatchee Fans

April 23, 2012

The last few weeks have been fantastic on the flats off Dixie and Taylor counties. Limits of Speckled Trout and Redfish are common, and considering the Red limit doubling to two fish per person with a boat max of eight fish, I have wondered if I would need a bigger fish box on the boat. We have managed fine with the 80 quart engel fish box. Of course we still have a day when things are tough or it seems like the only Trout biting are 14 31/32″ or less. On the flip side I have had a couple days […]

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