Fish The Shade

June 24, 2013

Recently Bass fishing on the middle Ocklawaha River has been fair, although the best bite has been limited to a couple of hours early and late in the day. Accordingly our most productive trips typically happen on very overcast days. Must be summertime. Wild shiners fished as far as possible under cover (vegetation) has been the most productive, and remains to be your best bet for trophy sized Largemouths. One of the best locations in our region for fishing heavy cover is the Cypress Bayou/Rodman Reservoir area. Water lilies, cabbage, and hyacinths abound in this region and are a prime […]

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Largemouth Bass Seeking Shelter

January 7, 2011

Due to the drought we’ve had over the past several months, the waters of the Ocklawaha River have been low and slow. As the water recedes, so does the amount of natural cover several species of fish rely on (most notably Bass), and the bait they feed on. Fortunately, there are several sections of the River that have an abundance of cover where large populations of fish thrive. The Cypress Bayou section of the Ocklawaha River is a prime example. During these drought conditions the Bass, and most importantly the bait, will move into these areas to feed and spawn. […]

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