Killing them in Cedar Key

May 8, 2009

A Cedar Key, Florida Fishing Report you like to hear Tell the wife the yard can wait, your prehistoric instinct to fill the freezer is calling. Just got off the phone with Don at Cedar Key Marina and he says they’re killing them in Cedar Key. He said  “The fishing is great, I ain’t lying, its the best I’ve every seen it”. Even though I think I’ve heard this before, he is probably close to telling the truth. Good reports are coming in from everywhere. Cedar Key Fishing Guide Captain John who is out of Cedar Key Marina has trips […]

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The Bites A Start’n

March 13, 2009

A Cedar Key Florida Fishing Report I just called Don of Cedar Key Marina to find out about the fishing in Cedar Key, Florida and he saidthe trout are starting to bite and the fishing is starting to get good. The reds are biting good on the oyster bars and the sand trout, whiting and sheep head are biting well too. They’ve been catching fish on the culverts, off shore and on the pier. People have been having good luck at the pier and just a few days ago Don and Captain John Blouse of Hooked Up Charters watched a boat using shrimp […]

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Steinhatchee Fishing Report, And the Bite Goes On

October 15, 2008

Steinhatchee Fishing Report From Captain Steve Trout and Reds continue to bite well. Limits are common. I am?continuing to concetrate on shallow fish, mainly because the wind has?blown pretty good and makes the deeper flats a little rough. Those?deeper flats do, however, produce some great bonus fish; mackerel,?bluefish, sandtrout, seabass, and flounder. The Trout have been large?some days. A couple days the last few weeks we have had our limlt of?over 20″s. Red size has been upper slot. They can be caught in the?normal places, but we are continuing to catch reds on the flats also. This fishing report is […]

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