• greg says:

    I have been going to porpoise point and fishing for reds and trout.I have family comming to vist and i am trying to find some other places .Can you help? they will be in the 1st week of sept.

    • The oyster bars around Porpoise Point are a good spot to target Red’s and Trout, although this time of year the water temperature in the shallows is approaching 90 degrees. Lots of Sharks and Catfish, but very little else.

      Your best bet for Trout in the late summer is to fish the deeper waters of the grass flats (8 to 10 feet). My bait of choice is the Cajun Thunder rattling float, tipped with either live shrimp or pinfish.

      The Redfish are tough to target this time of year, but usually bite as the sun comes up. Look for oyster bars that have bait (mullet) actively jumping around them to increase your chances.

      If you have a boat able to get you there, try fishing the outer channel markers of the Cross Florida Barge Canal, typically from the #20 marker out, (about 10 miles from the Yankeetown Ramp). Lots of fish and easy to find your way.

      Remember your T’s: time, tide, and temperature. Go early during extreme tide days

  • Mitchell Rigdon says:

    As a young boy my dad took us fishing in Yankee Town often we went to a area called the black stake north of the main channel maybe a couple of miles. I was told the black stake is no longer there do you know this marker and have a GPS coordinance for that. I went off for years in the army special forces now ready to take my son there to fish some where my dad and I enjoyed many days.

  • Al Ott says:

    I’m fairly new to the area. I don’t own a boat and can’t afford a guide. Someone had mentioned there were places to fish from land around Yankeetown.

    Can you offer any suggestions were to fish from land?
    I will be traveling from Ocala, Fl.


    • Capt. Nick says:

      Try fishing on the river side of the ramp on SR 40 at Yankeetown. Live shrimp or cut mullet works best.
      Good Luck,
      Capt. Nick

    • Joey says:

      I hope you have found some spots by now, but if not the cross FL barge canal is great there are a bunch of covered pavilions to fish from. Also the Inglis boat launch has some good spots, and if you wanna head over to Crystal River you can always hit the pier on Fort island beach. I have caught plenty of good fish in all of these spots using mostly shrimp or artificial soft baits. I hope this helps.

  • Gary Lackey says:

    where do I find the weather report for 20 to 60 miles out from the barrage cannal

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