I Guess Fishing Is Good!?

June 10, 2010

Cedar Key Fishing Guide Captain John’s fishing report was to the point. “It said here and please put these on my web site”. I guess this means fishing is good.

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Hey Big Bend Fish and Scallop Friends

June 8, 2010

First I want to tell you what I think about the Oil spill threat. It doesn’t look like it’s going to impact our coast on it’s own. But, if a big storm or hurricane developed in the Gulf, all bets are off. Having said all that, personally, I’m hoping and praying that we are not impacted by the oil and preparing for the worst. I think that is what our State, as well our County officials are doing. As an individual there is a lot of info to sort through. Taylor county emergency services seems to be as good as […]

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A Yankeetown “GIT-ER-DUN”

May 24, 2010

Let me lead off by expressing my sorrow and regret to the people of Lousiana who have been effected by the oil spill. Our prayers are with you. There’s no telling how many folks have been ruined by this man made disaster, and I fear the worst of it is yet to come. On a brighter note, the fishing off the Citrus/Levy County Coasts has been very good lately. Four days ago on 5/20, we ran out about 30 miles and caught our limit of Gag Grouper in short order. They ranged from 10-20 lbs.. On the return trip we pulled up […]

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Offshore of Yankeetown Fishing Report With Good Friends

What the mission was for!

August 27, 2009

What Are Friends For? To Go Fishing With! Hey Everyone, Mother Nature has been very nice to us offshore anglers lately, and she has allowed me to roam to some of my deep water haunts. This trip was with some good friends of mine and their family. Russ did a complete over haul on the motor on my little truck and would not take any money for it, but asked if I would take him and some family members offshore fishing for the day. They had a great time and put a lot of fish in the boat of all […]

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Steinhatchee Fishing Is Very Interesting

May 13, 2009

Steinhatchee Fishing Reports from Steinhatchee Fishing Guide Captain Steve Kroll Hey Y’all! These days fishing is very interesting, as well as exciting! I say that because Trout limits have been difficult and Redfish have been easy. Not usually the case. My parties and I have had to cull oversize Reds to catch limits of keeper size, and one day this week we had to move out of?a location in order to try to catch keeper size Trout. Not because the fish short-they were BIG! In Florida, we are allowed to keep one Trout per person over 20″. GET THE PICTURE! It […]

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