This list was made mostly by Oklawaha Fishing Guide, Captain Nick Bozman his fishing cohorts and a little bit by

And for the people that serve their local communities and send me reports, here is 25 Reasons To Hire A Fishing Guide (aka Why hire a guide?)

A Professional Guide Will Put You On Fish, (that’s their job).


1. No boat payments

2. No fuel bill

3. No boat maintenance

4. No boat insurance

5. No boat registrations

6. No boating equipment to buy and maintain

7. No boating gear to buy and maintain

8. No boat tags

9. No boat permits or licenses

10. No tackle to buy and maintain

11. No bait to buy

12. No need for storage facilities for your boat

A Pro Guide Offers Peace of Mind & Mental Health

13. No worrying about safety equipment,

14. No worrying about breakdowns from your boat being parked to long.

15. No worrying about navigating dangerous or unfamiliar waters

16. No worrying about sea conditions, weather etc

17. No psychological problems caused by $250 a month or more payments for a boat you see parked for 3, 6 or 9 months.

18. No convulsions or dry heaves from writing insurance payments for a boat you see parked for 3, 6 or 9 months.

A Pro Guide Will Save You Time by

19. spending your time fishing or sleeping rather than prepping boats

20. not having to put gas into your boat

21. not having to put extra gas into your truck, suv or car to tow your boat

22. not having to round up bait, ever had to go to several places to find bait?

23. not having to do the dreaded clean up of your boat after your fishing trip.

24. letting you sleep in while your guide does the dirty work.

25. being a quick way to learn about the local fishing and water conditions. It can take several weeks, months, or years if you do it your self.

and one to grow on ……..

With a guide you just walk on the boat and go!

Why do Guides Hire Guides?

When guides go on vacation many hire a local guide because,

1. they want someone else to do the work.

2. they are fishing new or unfamiliar waters.

3. fishing techniques change with geographical areas and they like to learn these new techniques.

4. they get real-time info on what is biting, when and what its biting, and how its biting.

Originally published January 1, 2012