January 26, 2010

Every so often we have what I refer to as “one of those years”. So far it looks like 2010 is gonna be a doozy!! It all started with new fishing restrictions for bottom or reef fishing from the North Carolina Coast to Key West.  Fortunately this didn’t affect our business, but it makes me think, who’s next. Then we get sustained record low temperatures not seen in over 30 years. Water temps 50 miles off shore dropped to 50 degrees. Several species of fish could be seen floating, including Grouper! This can’t be good. Next, fish kills prompt officials to institute restrictions on […]

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FWC Temporarily Closes Snook Bonefish And Tarpon Seasons

January 19, 2010

FWC issues an executive order that temporarily extends closed fishing seasons for snook statewide until September and establishes temporary statewide closed seasons for bonefish and tarpon until April. For more info, the FWC News Release However catch and release is still allowed. For more info Also some good news I was talking to Don at Cedar Key Marina yesterday and he said the mullet kills weren’t as bad as last year. He said the mullet were in deeper water during the cold temps this year than they were last year. Steve

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