Every so often we have what I refer to as “one of those years”. So far it looks like 2010 is gonna be a doozy!!

It all started with new fishing restrictions for bottom or reef fishing from the North Carolina Coast to Key West.  Fortunately this didn’t affect our business, but it makes me think, who’s next.

Then we get sustained record low temperatures not seen in over 30 years. Water temps 50 miles off shore dropped to 50 degrees. Several species of fish could be seen floating, including Grouper! This can’t be good.

Next, fish kills prompt officials to institute restrictions on Bonefish, and Tarpon that run until April, and Snook until September. I have no doubt that the Snook and Tarpon populations we’ve enjoyed over the past 10 years or so are going to be negatively affected, restrictions or not.

To top it off we’ve had front, after front, after front move through, which spells wind.

There’s only been a few days this year that we could have gotten out, and it’s tough to predict when the next trip is gonna be. Soon I hope! The Hot Water Discharge Canal should be the place to be.

Yes, it’s looks like it’s gonna be one of those years, but the bad ones just make the good ones that much better.

Oh, by the way, don’t forget about the Trout and Grouper closed season coming up in February. Due to the unusual amount of new fishing restrictions for the Gulf of Mexico, I would recommend you visit: www.myfwc.com for the latest updates.

Thank goodness for freshwater fishing!

Remember, God Loves A Fisherman
Good Luck
Captain Nick

This Yankee Town, Florida Fishing Report is from Yankeetown Florida Fishing Guide Captain Nick

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