Steinhatchee Fishing GuideWell now that we got the election out of the way, let’s talk about fishing in Steinhatchee.

Water temps have dropped and the water continues to clear.

Speckled Trout bite on the flats has been real good and I expect it will continue until the water drops to levels uncomfortable for the fish. Shallow (3 ft or less ) and cut bait is the strategy I have used. Light jigs such as the Saltwater Assassin 1/16 oz, or Pro Elite with a Saltwater Assassin 5″ Electric Chicken or Pink will work very well if you like to feel a bite as opposed to working and watching a cork.

Redfishing continues to be disappointing, for me any way. I’m not sure what to say, accept that I enjoy looking for them, and this time of year you can count on being rewarded with some real nice +20″ Trout. Rest assured, the Reds are somewhere, just not in the usual place I fish. They’ll show up in better number sooner or later.

GOD BLESS (and our country) and Good Fishing,

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This Steinhatchee Fishing Report is from Steinhatchee Fishing Guide Captain Steve Kroll

Speckled Trout

Steinhatchee Speckled Trout

Steinhatchee Florida Redfish

Steinhatchee Florida Redfish

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