The stars all lined up last Thursday, 1/28, and we finally got the opportunity to get over to the Progress Energy Hot Water Discharge Canal at Crystal River.

Friday the 29th was the full moon, so we had the advantage of an extreme high tide around 1 p.m., along with light east winds and mild temps. The perfect day, or so it seemed.

As we shoved off, I couldn’t help but think about the recent fish kills in the area, and what if any effect it would have on the fishing. Unfortunately, we didn’t have to go very far before seeing the first signs of bad news.

Hundreds of Vultures (Turkey Buzzards), lining the Spoil Banks. Although we didn’t spot any floating fish, there were several dead Snook and Mullet littering the Spoil Islands.

About four years ago we had a few extremely cold days that left us with similar results. Fortunately, it only slowed the bite for a couple of weeks, then fishing got back to normal.

It’s just Mother Natures way.

Lots of the fish that are killed during these severe fronts are species that are not native to our region, and can’t survive in low water temps. Snook is the perfect example.

Needless to say, it was a pretty slow day at the Canal.? Just caught a few Snappers and a couple of small Black Drum.

Hopefully, by the time the Trout season re-opens, March 1st, things will be getting back to normal.? Until then, you can find me on the OK (Ocklawaha) River. The Trophy Bass are “schooling up”

Remember, God Loves A?Fisherman
Good Luck
Captain Nick

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