Several Cedar Key Snook caught this day

Several Cedar Key Snook caught this day

The Cool Kids With A Fine Cedar Key Summer Redfish

The Cool Kids With A Fine Cedar Key Summer Redfish

Cedar Key’s June Inshore Fishing Report

The Speckled Trout have been a little tough this month. But you can find them on the grass flats and now as the waters are getting warmer,more out front towards seahorse reef. As usual we’re using popping corks and a jig head with live shrimp or your favorite plastic baits. The Redfish seem to be biting good, around the islands and oyster bars and it seems best on an incoming tide, using cut mullet, shrimp mud minnows or pinfish on the bottom, also look for the grassy areas too. 

The Snook have been better this year than any other, near some sand bars and the structure areas, they love live bait. 

We’ve seen some nice Triple Tail come in too, around the buoy’s and markers or floating debris. They like live shrimp, free lined to them, be careful not to spook them, but cast up in front of them a little and they will swim towards it.

Captain John couldn't keep his hands of this beauty

Captain John couldn’t keep his hands of this beauty

Now that's a beauty of a Gag Grouper

Now that’s a beauty of a Gag Grouper

Cedar Key’s June Offshore Fishing Report

The Gag Grouper have been good in 40-60 ft, using threadfins, cut bait and live pinfish. The Red Grouper have been good n bad in 50-80 ft, they aren’t so picky, but all the frozen baits seem to work, just not a lot of keepers but we are getting some. The Red Snapper are not as plentiful as previous years and we have to go to 80-100 ft to find them, in the deeper water you also get a variety of other snappers too. 

We also found that the Cobia have moved offshore too. 

June & July have been windier than in the past and the are number of days out fishing have been a lot less this season as well. The Sharks seem to be very thick this year too, eating fish as we try to get them to the boat and of course they don’t want to eat your small ones, they want the big ones.  

We are still catching some nice fish and you’re not gonna catch em unless you get your line wet, so come on down and enjoy the day with friends & family.

cedar key fishing guideTime to fill your coolers and enjoy the day on the water. As always we’ll keep you posted! Till next time “Safe boating n tight lines”
Trust God n Be Blessed
Captain John Blouse“Hooked up Charters & Cedar Key Marina II”
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