This Crystal River, Florida & Yankeetown Fishing Report is From Yankeetown Fishing Guide Captain Nick



Best bet for February along the Citrus/Levy County coasts is Redfish.

From”Eleven Prong”, just south of the Waccassassa River entrance, to the spoils off of Ozello, reports of Redfish are coming in from everywhere.

That takes care of where. When, just before and after the high or incoming tide seems to work best for me, especially around the new or full moon (most extreme tides).

And finally, how.  Although Redfish will bite a large variety of bait, I prefer live or cut stuff, shrimp or mullet.

Note: Snook and Trout season re-opens on March 1st. Whoopee!

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  • Andrew J says:

    Some Friends of mine went out last week and had good luck with reds here in Crystal River. It’s a little cold now but we’re all hoping that changes soon.

    It looks like it s going to be a good year. After the end of March of course.

    Andy J.