After our record consecutive days of cold, trout are attempting to survive by doing the only thing they can, and that’s to seek warm water.

Seeking warm water, or at least the warmest they can find, will be the fishes key to getting through the cold spell. As the water temp drops in the Gulf, and the cold water pushes further up creeks and rivers here on the Big Bend of Florida, fish will move up these creeks and rivers too. Also, I have mentioned in previous reports, fish will seek and hold in holes, where the depth provides more stable water temperate.

Once located, Trout will bite, but only with a very slow presentation. A 1/16 oz Assassin jig head and a 4″ or 5″ tail will do the job, but it does require you to allow it to sink,?feeling for the bottom as well as the strike. It will be very soft or subtle. Keeping your rod tip high and no slack in your line, will help you feel the tick/strike.

52m series Mirror lure will work very well also, SLOW. Let it sink. Color is not as big a factor as finding fish is to be successful.

I cannot write this report without saying please, be responsible, take your limit if you like. If you continue to catch fish, handle and release them gently and quickly.

I am counting on these fish surviving the winter and returning to the flats for the Big Bend community, myself and my customers to catch this spring, not to mention for reproduction.

Thanks for checking in.
GOD Bless and Good Fishing

This Steinhatchee Fishing Report is from Steinhatchee Fishing Guide Captain Steve Kroll

A Winter Steinhatchee Trout


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