“Once in a Lifetime”
Central Florida, Oklawaha & Silver River Fishing Report

slick-charters-freshwater-glamour-shotRecently I had the opportunity to “legally” fish the Silver River.

 Yes I said Silver River!

 Since I moved to the Ocala area in 1983, I dreamed of fishing these  pristine waters, but always assumed it would  remain just that, a dream..

A big part of my business has been running tours there, but only tours. Fishing there for as long as I can remember had been off limits…

Somewhere around the first of the year, I was coming back from a tour and spotted a boat load of people fishing near the Silver River State Park.

Typically, I assume that’s it’s someone from out of state that just don’t know any better,and ask if they realize that their breaking the law. Typically they respond no, and move on. These guys did not. Apparently there had been a “Loophole” in the law, and until the State Senate reconvened in 2009, there was no way the local law enforcement could write tickets.

What really blew me away was that these guys actually knew about it!

After checking with the local game wardens in the area, they confirmed that, Yes, you can fish the Silver River, but when the law came back into effect, there would be no warnings…
Mr. Robert Burns, of Ocala, didn’t believe me when I asked him if he would like to try fishing the Silver River last week…  He kept saying, “your kidding me right”… And how was the fishing?

Before I could get the first  bait on the hook, a small bass came out of nowhere and caught himself on a bare hook!  In just a few hours of fishing, Robert, his wife, and son had caught and released several small Bass, a seven, a four and a three pound Largemouth, as well as several Pike, and Bowfins…

Truly, a once in a lifetime trip.

PS: The Silver River is again off limits to fishing….
And this is why people like Mr. Robert fish with Captain Nick!

And this is why people like Mr. Robert fish with Captain Nick!

The peace and quiet of the river, the cast of the rod, the strike, and the sound of your voice saying,

"I Got One",

ringing across the water and into the forest.

This is fishing with Slick Charters!

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