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From Ocklawaha Fishing Guide Captain Nick

slick-charters-freshwater-glamour-shotBe Careful Out There

We fished the Oklawaha River Saturday, 5/23, and man was it up.. About 2 feet from where it was a week ago!

The bite was slow, although we did manage a few small Bass, as well as one over four pounds.  I expect the fishing to greatly improve as soon as the level stabilizes…

Our hearts go out to the families involved in the Memorial Day weekend boating fatalities on Lake George.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to run from storms on that  Lake, especially this time of year. The location, as well as the size of Lake George (second largest lake in the state), make it a breeding ground for bad weather. It can go from slick-calm to 6 foot sea’s in a matter of minutes…

The shame of it all is that boating “accidents” like these can be avoided. It’s never just one thing, but a series of poor decisions that puts people at risk.

Following basic safety rules and using a little common sense goes a long way.

Two of the easiest and most beneficial things one can do is, leave a float plan with someone ashore, and.
have someone monitor the local radar for approaching bad weather..My wife is an expert at this. She has saved us from a wet ass or worse many ,many times.

Again, a reminder to check on the homepage of for helpful links for forecasts and radars.

This Ocklawaha fishing report is from Captain Nick Bozman of Slick Charters

The peace and quiet of the river, the cast of the rod, the strike, and the sound of your voice saying,

"I Got One",

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  • Gary T says:

    How sadly true. So many fatalities that we witness could have been avoided if the right precuations had been applied. I’m an old Florida “cracker” that grew up on McGirts creek south of Jacksonville back when the water was clean and the fishing was good so you know I’m at least a half century old. I was still in my mothers arms when I first plowed those waters and she still speaks of getting caught out on the St. Johns in a lightening storm in my dad’s boat and how she clung to me in a state of absolute fear so you can imagine how much emphasis was put on weather awarness as I grew up!!! My folks pounded it in to me and to this day, I take absolutely no chances with weather. I fish with one eye on the horizon and one ear to the heavens and know when it’s time to get off of the water!!! you can’t fish if you’re six feet under folks.