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We Fished Last Week And Were Very Successful

Fishing the flats in rough weather is challenging, and only for the most dedicated diehards. High wind and rain makes a good rainsuit a must. As a guide, one has to make the go no-go call with safety in mind.

Last week we had no lightning to deal with, just wind and rain. So we fished last week, and were very successful. At times, we were drifting 1.5 nautical mph. We fished cork rigs almost all week in shallow water, 2-3 ft deep. I would not have bet money on good fishing trips last week. But I had very good fisherman and the Lord decided to bless our efforts.

If you decide to go on one of these tough weather days, keep on eye on the horizon, keep an ear on the radio. Riverhaven Marina will keep us informed about approaching weather. And of course there’s plain old common sense, boat size, your familiarity with the area, your party.

Young kids or Grandma would not enjoy a tough weather day.

Thanks for reading, God Bless and good fishing – be careful.

This Steinhatchce Fishing Report is from Steinhatchee, Florida Scalloping and Fishing Guide Captain Steve of Pepper Fish Key Charters

Neither Wind Nor Rain Can Stop This Fishermen

Neither Wind Nor Rain Can Stop This Fishermen