Hey fellow Alaskans, well that’s what it’s felt like to me. I have never run out of firewood, but I might this winter. I took one of my special customers fishing last week. And when the catching is really slow, he enjoys exploring like I do.

It is the kind of activity that will pay off later. We found a few Reds, however we could not coax them to bite.

While doing River tours for the Fiddler crab festival, which by the way was a huge success, I saw a nice size school of mullet up the river. It was the most finned life I had seen in a while. Fish will adapt and survive.

I am ready for warmer weather! I am going to take the next couple weeks and do some boat maintenance.

Thanks for checking in , stay warm and GOD Bless.

GOD Bless and Good Fishing

PS- The attached photo was from a few weeks ago. the short Red was caught in the Steinhatchee River. The young man was quite happy.

A Winter Steinhatchee Red

This Steinhatchee Fishing Report is from Steinhatchee Fishing Guide Captain Steve Kroll