The Spotted Sea Trout are schooling up off the Levy/Citrus County coasts, along with several other species. Recently, June 6, we headed offshore for some Grouper/Cobia action, but had to go to plan “B” when the offshore seas became too rough to fish.

After about an hour of running back inside we ended up at the grass flats just north of the Withalocoochee River entrance, “Lowes Bay”.

The Spotted Sea Trout were biting good up until the tide started to slow at about 1 p.m.. Almost all of the Trout were keepers, “15 inches”, with a few close to 2 feet long.

Around noon time the Sharks showed up, both Black Tips and Reef Sharks. Not a target fish, but lots of fun on light tackle.

Both on the way out, and again on the way back in, we spotted a couple huge Tarpon, free jumping not far from the dock. This is the time of year to target those “Silver Kings”, either early or very late in the day.

The Trout preferred the jigs tipped with pinfish versus shrimp for whatever reason. I’m not sure why, I just give them what they want.

There are big numbers and a wide variety of fishes in the grass flats this time of year. Catch them while you can!

Til next time…See you on the Gulf!
Good Luck
Captain Nick

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  • ray cramer says:

    A 2 year old fishing report is not worth a dam

    Why not update or take the dam thing off the net

    • flatlander says:

      An old fishing report is an historical record of previous fishing conditions and the dates they occurred, gray haired people like that sort of thing.
      I do have to admit that new reports need to be added and the last fishing report from that area was October of 13 but unfortunately I no longer have a person that guides in that area that can give me a report.
      Thanks for the post