Scallops continue to be the most dependable resource this summer.
Water clarity will become a factor, post rainy days and T.S. Fay.

Early morning trips for Speckled Trout and Redfish continue to be very productive using Saltwater Assassin jigs 5″ pink and electric chicken colors. Topwater baits such as mirrorlure top dog or zara spook work well, for those of you who enjoy the strike as much as the pull.
These oppurtunities seem to be most productive when you have high tide in the AM.
If lucky you’ll be in right place at the right time to enjoy Trout and Reds in the same neighborhood at the same time.
I have seen this happen only a few times. It was early morning, high water at 9am, warm weather, July and large Trout and Reds were aggresively hitting topwater. It would be moments before you knew whether it was a big Speck or a Red. I wish I had camcorder! By 10 am this bite will be over.
Head out to the 8 and 10 foot flats for some deep jigging. Tie on an 1/8 or 1/4 oz assassin jig head, assassin limetruce in 4″ or 5″ tail or a gulp. Work it slow on the bottom concentrating on the darkest areas. This will be grass and where the trout will be. If you are only catching ladyfish and bluefish, slow down. When the sun is high, the breeze lays and the sweat soaks your shirt, go get wet and
pick up some scallops.