Hey Voters I hope you took time to do your civic duty today, before you went fishing.

Today’s weather is overcast, breezy, cool 66 degrees at lunch time. More than just breezy, it’s out of the North. It’s been this way for a week.
It is pot hole fishing conditions, negative low tides and that north wind make tide levels really low.

Some folks stay home. These conditions present some incredible opportunities, if your willing to bundle up, take a little salt spray in the face. Look for places where the tide drains the flats, and places with dark bottom that will warm up quick when the sun shines.

Friday I took my party to such a place and it paid off. 10 Trout, 3 Reds, and 2 big Flounder. It was not a limit catch, but we were proud, considering the conditions.

May be we’ll have an Indian summer and we can wear shorts one more time. Have fun, good fishing, and be careful. Tip Toe around during extreme low water.

This Steinhatchee Fishing Report from Steinhatchee Fishing Guide Captain Steve

Hand full of November Trout

Hand full of November Trout