Skinny Water…Fat Fish


I finally had the opportunity to get out to the Grass Flats off the Levy County Coast this week for some Trout fishing.

ypically this part of the Big Bend is well known for great Trout action, and Thursday, 11/6, was no exception.

We departed the Yankeetown Public Boat Ramp about 11 A.M. and arrived at our spot just in time to fish the last of the falling tide.

We caught 30 Trout or so, on pink and white jigs fished under rattling floats, “Cajun Thunders”. Several of these fat Trout were over 20 inches in length!

Water temps in the region have fallen to 67 degrees, which tends to push these fish into shallow, “skinny water”. After fishing several different depths, we found that the best bite was in 3 feet of water or less. Another advantage of fishing this shallow water is that if your boat sinks, just Stand Up!

This Fishing Report is from

Yankee Town and Levy County Fishing Guide, Captain Nick Bozman

The peace and quiet of the river, the cast of the rod, the strike, and the sound of your voice saying,

"I Got One",

ringing across the water and into the forest.

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