Steinhatchee Fishing GuideWell what do I say? This is the second winter in a row that fishing has been a real challenge. We’ve had a great time with small Redfish, a occasional keeper, and some outstanding Trout catching. The problem has been the weather, cold, wind and rain. Speckled Trout is closed for February, and frankly, I’m glad they are getting a well deserved break from those who abuse the fishery during the fishes most vulnerable time.

I am taking time to do some equipment maintenance. I painted the bottom of the boat, cleaned out and reorganized boat compartments and tackle tubs. Inventory and check safety items, fire extinguishers, signal flares, PFD’s (life jackets). Clean, lube and restring rods and reels will save heartache later.

As soon as we have a couple of nice warmer days, we’ll go Redfishing or run out to 30 foot of water and catch a bucket full of Sea Bass.

In the meantime, Ann (my bride) and I are going on a cruise south in search of a winter tan.

Hang in there! Spring is not far away. The cypress trees on my pond have buds, as well as Maples. Come over to Steinhatchee Feb 19 & 20 for the Annunal Fiddler Crab Festival. Good food, music, river tours, something for everyone.

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This Steinhatchee Fishing Report

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