Although fishing on the Ocklawaha River is pretty good year around, it’s much better during the cooler months of the year, especially if you are after that Trophy Bass.

Recently the signs of the seasons changing have began to be more apparent every day. Leaves turning… then falling all over the yard, less mowing of the grass, and my favorite of all, the start of pre-season football!

Another favorite of mine is that the size and numbers of fish start to increase this time of year. Some of the best Bass fishing we’ve ever experienced was in Sept. “08 after Tropical Storm Faye came through our area.

Lately we’ve caught good numbers of fish, but only a few “big-uns”. I’ve seen lots of Shad and Mullett in both the Silver and Ocklawaha River over the past few months which is good news for our first spawn.

The Stripers are running on Lake George. I had a recent report that good numbers of them we’re being caught at the Croker Hole and the mouths of both Salt Run and Juniper Springs.

Keep in mind the best time to catch Striped Bass is at night which is also the best time for a thunderstorm.

Until next time…see you on the River!

Good Luck
Captain Nick

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