slick-charters-saltwater-glamour-shotSaltwater Nearshore/Inshore:
Water temps inside are way up this time of year, shortening up the window of opportunity to catch fish. On Sunday, we fished the spoil islands just south of the Florida Barge Canal, and the bite was very slow. Blame it on the week tide, late start, or the 86 degree water temp. Good news, the water and air temps should be decreasing soon, now if I can manage to leave the dock by 6 A.M., we will have it made.
Saltwater Offshore:
On a recent trip out to one of the shipwrecks, several small Grouper (just under the 22″ limit) were caught on pinfish. Also, a pod of small Cobia showed up and were taken on free-lined cut bait. Schools of
Spanish Mackerel and Jack Cravelles circled throughout the day and were easily picked off with shrimp, free-lined on light action tackle.
The peace and quiet of the river, the cast of the rod, the strike, and the sound of your voice saying,

"I Got One",

ringing across the water and into the forest.

This is fishing with Slick Charters!

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