The Steinhathcee Fishing Report this Week is a “Way to go” for the Participates
Of The Relay for Life Fishing Tournament in Steinhatchee

Results for the 2009 Relay for Life Fishing Tournament in Steinhathee, Florida
Info from Jeff Myers

2009 Relay For Life Fishing Tournament

Fish Winner Size Sponsor
Largest Legal Grouper Troy Cooke 15.47 LB Big Bend Marina
2nd Largest Legal Grouper Mark Walker 14.81 lb James Carter
(Cass Burch Dodge)
Largest Legal Speckled
Jimmy Mincy 5.50 lb Winn Dixie
2nd Largest Legal
Speckled Trout
Matt Cruce 5.29 lb Culpepper Construction
Largest Legal Redfish Chelsea Woods 7.63 lb Flint Equipment &
H.B. Tuten
2nd Largest Legal
James Farnell 7.27 lbs Timberland Ford
Largest Sheepshead ? ? Winn Dixie
2nd Largest Sheepshead ? ? Wilson’s Bait Tackle
KIDS Division – Keaton
1st Place trout Matthew Oneal 3.71 lb The Forestry Company
2nd Place Trout Betany Gilkes 3.70 lb The Forestry Company
Black Bass Troy Cooke Jr. 1.33 lb The Forestry Company
KIDS Division – Steinhatchee
1st Place trout Sam Bryan 2.76 lb The Forestry Company


2009 Relay For Life First Place Red Fish

2009 Relay For Life First Place Red Fish

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  • Freddy M says:

    Good job with the tournament, I wasn’t in it but I heard that it was a hoot. I’ve heard good stories from up and down the coast.