Steinhatchee Fishing GuideHey folks, Are you surviving the cold? We have been able to get out a couple times a week since Thanksgiving. But this weather has made it a challenge. The cold temperature is one thing, but put 10-15 knots of wind behind it and it is raw.

Our Trout fishing trips have turned into hunting trips a few days, then when we found them it was “game on” or “fish on”. Speckled Trout would be big, and a lot of them. We routinely are releasing over size fish because we have a limit.

We also are catching lots of Reds in the “cob” or “pup” size, 15-17 inches. They are great fun, just not big enough to keep.

Now all this fishing is pothole fishing in creek and river holes. If we had a couple bright sunny days and it wasn’t so cold, these fish will move to shallows and mudflats adjacent to creek and river drains.

Whether you are fishing shallow or deep, a slow presentation is the only way to get bit.

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This Steinhatchee Fishing Report

is from Steinhatchee, Florida Fishing Guide Captain Steve Kroll

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