Steinhatchee Fishing GuideBig Bend friends,

Humble apologies is all I have for not submitting a report in such a long time. I was recently scolded by a customer who told me they checked in from time to time to read what I posted. Yes I’ve been busy, but plain old sorryness is the only excuse I have.

I have had a great 2011, in fact the number of trips was a personal best.

River fishing has been disappointing so far, especially for those who enjoy creek and river fishing. It just has not been cold enough. There are some Trout and Reds there, just not the numbers we had this time the last 2 years.

The good news is Speckled Trout and Redfish are still on the flats. With water temps in the mid to upper 60’s shrimp, pinfish and their predators are there also. You may have to look a little harder, but focus your effort on flats adjacent the river and major creeks. Days with sunshine and south breezes will be best.

Fishing success is “right time-right place”. I guided the Menken family recently to one such day. The kind of day you have to move because the Trout were to big! And when you cast your jig you didn’t know if it would be a Red or Trout until you were able to feel the pull.

Anyhow, we are having a great fishing this mild winter. Offshore fishing has been very good as well.


Thanks for reading,
I promise to be more frequent, Good Fishing.



This Steinhatchee Fishing Report
is from Steinhatchee, Fishing Guide Captain Steve Kroll