Typically, as summer approaches and water temperatures begin to rise, Bass fishing in general slows, at least in most locations. The exceptions to this rule, or I should say the remedy, is simply fish where the water temps remain constant year around, spring fed rivers.

These natural wonders are without a doubt the best locations to cure that “fishing Jones” when summertime temps soar. Additionally, there’s no shortage of these cool spots to fish throughout the state of Florida.

Here in Ocala I’ve been fortunate to live within just a couple of miles of the Ocklawaha River for many years now, and have yet to find a better location to target that Trophy Largemouth.

Although the winter or “pre-spawn” season is best, I’ve caught Bass in the 8-10 lb. range every month of the year. Additionally, it’s next to impossible to find a more comfortable location to fish on these sweltering summer day’s.

Recently we’ve caught the majority of our fish early in the morning, near or under submerged structures. Like always, with a wild shiner.

One sure fire way to figure out the bite during the summer is to try fishing very early in the a.m., then again late in the p.m.. More often than not, the bite will be much better during one time period or the other. The only way to know is to go!

See you on the River!
Good Luck
Captain Nick

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