Saturday, 5/22, we ran about 10 miles out to fish for Cobia around the outer markers of the barge canal.

While waiting for the tide to slow, we rigged up for bottom fishing just to kill a little time. Within about 45 minutes we had caught several small Grouper, a couple nice Spanish Mackerel, and almost limited out on Spotted Sea Trout.

As the tide slowed, we rigged up for the Cobia. I use pinfish on a 6/0 octopus hook with about 4 feet of 100 lb. Florocarbon Leader. It didn’t take long before we were hooked up. We landed a couple respectable fish, and saw a couple more before heading inshore for some flats fishing.

Didn’t have much luck in the flats, but we did jump a Tarpon in the 200 lb. range. To be honest, he actually jumped us. We were fishing with 15 lb. test. Chased the Silver King around for about 5 minutes until he made one last leap, and waved good-bye. It was a sight we will never forget.

Headed in about 2 p.m. with a box of Trout, a Cobia, and a memory of the “one that got away”!

Pictured below is Mr. Scott Vanbeek of Ocala with a 22 lb. Cobia.

Remember, God Loves A?Fisherman
Good Luck
Captain Nick

This?Yankee Town, Florida Fishing Report is from Yankeetown Florida Fishing Guide Captain Nick

Mr. Scott Vanbeek of Ocala with a 22 lb. Yankeetown Cobia

And The One That Didn't

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