Hey Big Bend Fish and Scallop Friends

June 8, 2010

First I want to tell you what I think about the Oil spill threat. It doesn’t look like it’s going to impact our coast on it’s own. But, if a big storm or hurricane developed in the Gulf, all bets are off. Having said all that, personally, I’m hoping and praying that we are not impacted by the oil and preparing for the worst. I think that is what our State, as well our County officials are doing. As an individual there is a lot of info to sort through. Taylor county emergency services seems to be as good as […]

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The Good News, We’re Still Able to Get Our Scallop Limits

August 20, 2009

I’ve Got Good News And Not So Good News The good news is we’re are still able to find limits of scallops. The bad news is we are having to look harder and dive deeper. The easy ones have been hit hard. Our catching fish success has been spotty, which is normal for summer. That is the not so good news. You have to love to fish and enjoy it even when the catching is slow. My last trip gave us a real mixed bag, Trout, Sea bass, Jacks, Blues, Flounder and Ladyfish, before lunch and then we jumped in […]

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Steinhatchee Fishing Report, And the Bite Goes On

October 15, 2008

Steinhatchee Fishing Report From Captain Steve Trout and Reds continue to bite well. Limits are common. I am?continuing to concetrate on shallow fish, mainly because the wind has?blown pretty good and makes the deeper flats a little rough. Those?deeper flats do, however, produce some great bonus fish; mackerel,?bluefish, sandtrout, seabass, and flounder. The Trout have been large?some days. A couple days the last few weeks we have had our limlt of?over 20″s. Red size has been upper slot. They can be caught in the?normal places, but we are continuing to catch reds on the flats also. This fishing report is […]

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Cedar Key fishing is good, but the weather will change, so go now!

October 10, 2008

I called Don at Cedar Key Marina and he?s had a busy morning, a lot of people are going out today. He said just about everybody that goes out after Red Fish are getting their limit and that the people after Reds have also been catching flounder on the bars. Don also said this is one of the best flounder years he has ever seen, that the trout are big and are big consistently, that people for the most part are getting their limits and that the sheep head should start moving in soon and that snook are common. Seas […]

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It’s Great to Be Fish’n in Steinhatchee.

October 2, 2008

Christie at the Sea Hag in Steinhatchee says the fishing is great inshore. And the both the Red Fish and Trout are hot.? The Flounder are biting as well and this weekend all charters are booked and all of them are booked for the whole day. The Grouper are biting too and are moving in close and some are being caught within sight of land. The Skitter walk in the red fish color and gulp in white are hot on the flats as is x-wrap lures and silver and gold mirror spoons. This Steinhatchee Fishing Report is from?Sea Hag.

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