Silck ChartersWe’ve observed lots of schooling Bass lately, chasing bait both early and late in the day. On Sunday, 11/24, I spotted several buck (male) bass fanning out beds for the upcoming spawn.

Yes, Sir, the spawn is on. On a recent trip we caught and released ten Largemouths in about 2 hours. The total weight was over 40 lbs.! This is the best time of year to catch that Bass of a lifetime.

One of my favorite techniques for taking Largemouths is to freeline live bait in and around the heavy cover. Wild shiners are without a doubt the best bait when fishing the River. I typically hook the shiner in the tail with a 1/0 Kahle hook, and allow the bait to run several feet up under the heaviest cover I can find.

I recommend a medium to heavy action rod with a minimum of 15 lb. test mono line. Be prepared to lose a few hooks, and yes, even a fish or two, but this technique will pay off if you have the patience to stay with it.

The most important part is keeping fresh bait on your hook. No self respecting Largemouth is going to hit a half dead shiner with no scales. With a little patience and a lot of hooks and bait, you will be landing that once in a lifetime Bass sooner than you think.

Until next time…see you on the River!
Ocklawaha Fishing Guide Captain Nick Bozman
This Ocklawaha Fishing Report Is From Ocala Florida Bass Fishing Guide Captain Nick Of Slick Charters
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