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slick-charters-saltwater-glamour-shotIt is almost November and the water temps in the Gulf of Mexico off of Inglis are still in the 80’s.

The Redfish bite has been good around the Withalacoochee River entrance recently, but as usual the tide and time of day is everything.

Best bet is to fish on the morning when the high tide peeks before noon, and preferably near or on the new or full moon. The more extreme the tide the better.

I recommend using the Florida Sportsman Fishing Planner to keep track of these tides. It’s a great publication that gives you a full year of tide charts, bite times, etc.

The Spotted Sea Trout are also biting, and although we are getting smaller numbers, the fish are bigger.

Fish for Trout on the falling or out going tides. Recently we have had luck with them about a mile north of the “Trout Stake”, just off the Levy County Coast. Trout on the Grass Flats in November…unbelievable!

Record high temps have also kept the Grouper offshore. I expect to see them moving in as soon as the temps get back to normal.

Speaking of temps, what happened to Fall/Autumn? Doesn’t it usually cool off by now? Must be Global Warming!

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