Steinhatchee Fishing GuideAt this point in April we are having beautiful spring weather and great fishing!!

Speckled Trout seem to be on every grass flat outside the Steinhatchee River, between Horseshoe Beach and Keaton Beach. Lots of short Trout(less than the min. 15″s) so use care releasing. Limit catches have been common, including some large fish up to 26″s weighing 6 pounds full of roe. Use care releasing these also.

Redfish have been more challenging.

They are bunched up now and you can miss a school by a cast length. As water temps stabilize they will spread out in their usual neighborhoods, rocky and hard bottom spots, creek mouths and points, and the odds of success will go up. These last couple of weeks my customers and I have had all our Reds on one day, but can’t get bit the next.

Ladyfish, Bluefish, Mackerel,Flounder and Seabass have began to show good on the deeper flats.

Oh, one more thing, we are seeing Scallops!

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This Steinhatchee Fishing Report

is from Steinhatchee, Florida?Fishing Guide Captain Steve Kroll

A Nice Late April Steinhatchee Red Fish

A Nice Late April Steinhatchee Red Fish

Two more Steinhatchee Redfish

And two more ...

And we'll throw in a picture of a nice Steinhatchee Speckled Trout just because.