A Yankee Town, Florida and Crystal River Florida Fishing Report
From Gulf Coast Fishing Guide Captain Nick

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

We fished the Spoil Islands off the Levy County Coast Monday, June 1, just north of the Withalacoochee River.

Found plenty of Spotted Sea Trout, although most of them were less than 15 inches in length, the legal limit.

Moved offshore a bit and found a small piece of structure that ,according to my “crystal ball ” ,( fish finder) ,was holding fish.

Anchored up and right off start catching 18 to 24 inch Trout, several nice size Pink Mouth Grunts, and Gag Grouper just shy of the 22 inch minimum.

Even had a couple of Cobia come up to the boat, but couldn’t convince them to bite a shrimp.

Needless to say, I added another waypoint on the GPS and will be returning to it soon.

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