2012 is upon us, and so is the year’s first Largemouth Bass spawn on the Ocklawaha River.

Over the past few weeks the size, weight and even the shape of fish caught has increased. This time of year we typically catch what I refer to as “footballs”. They’re real “girthy” Bass.

One of our most recent clients caught a 9 lb. Bass that was only 22 inches long. The girth was 18 inches! What a pig!

Now is the time bass fish in the Ocklawaha. The spawn is on and the wall hangers are schooling up.

Recently the best Bass bite has been early in the a.m. and as always, the best bait is wild Shiners, the bigger the better. Thanks to Dave and Liz at Fat Daddy’s for some great bait. The Spec, Crappie, Croppie action is hot and heavy on the Ocklawaha River near Orange Springs.

The Rodman drawdown has the fish concentrated in and around the Old River Channel. For best result use Missouri minnows on #12 wire hook fished around the deeper pockets. Strike indicators and bobbers are optional.

‘Til next time…see you on the Rivers!
Central Florida Fishing Guide Captain Nick Bozman

This Ocklawaha Fishing Report Is From Ocala Florida Fishing Guide Captain Nick Of Slick Charters

Roc With An Ocklawaha Football, aka Largemouth Bass

Roc With An Ocklawaha Football, aka Largemouth Bass

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