Near record high temperatures throughout the Big Bend region have really effected the fishing. Water temps are already up to 90 degrees. On our most recent trips the best bite for the Trout and Redfish has been very early in the morning, typical for late summer. For best result, plan your trip accordingly, and if possible fish the near shore waters around the high tide.

Grouper fishing off the Citrus/Levy County coasts remains pretty good between 25 and 30 feet of water. Although I expect them to move further out as water temps increase.

Record numbers for scalloping appears to be the hot ticket this summer. Try around the observation platform at the Crystal River channel for best results.

Our go to spot during these hot summer months has been the outer channel markers of the Cross Florida Barge Canal. A wide variety of fishes are caught here on a regular basis.

Til next time….see you on the Gulf
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Captain Nick
This Yankeetown & Big Bend Fishing Report is from Yankeetown Florida Fishing Guide Captain Nick
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