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Right now Scallops are close to the river in both directions. This has allowed the crowds to spread out a little.

There are also several reports of good scallops deep. By deep I mean 6-10 feet. It takes the strongest of snorkeler to pick up scallops in this depth. When you see one look for more before diving and continue to look on the way down, at the bottom, and on the way up to max your breath. Of course you don’t want to take the small kids to the deep water, it won’t be much fun for them.

Watch the weather, be careful and take your time when moving your boat around other boats. We see too many people running their boats on plane through groups of boats displaying diver down flags. You are not supposed to run on plane within
300′ of a boat displaying a dive flag. Think about it, that’s a football field.

Good luck, Captain Steve of Pepperfish Key Charters Steinhatchee Scallop Guide
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