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Freshwater Fishing Forum / Re: Ocklawaha Fishing Report
« Last post by Captain Nick on Feb 12, 2013 »
The Bass bite on the Ocklawaha River continues to be very good.  On a recent trip several of the Largemouths caught were busting with roe.  These spawning fish should always be handled with care and immediately released.

The very moderate weather we've seen this season has triggered the Bass back into spawning cycles.  Expect the bite to remain very good over the next few weeks.  Wild shiners remain the best bait for that Trophy Largemouth.

'Til next time....see you on the River!
Captain Nick
Since grouper fishing is shut down, we are mainly fishing within 9 miles. The Sea Bass and Florida snapper (white grunts) are biting good & are a good size in 25-35 ft of water on live bottom and rocky area's. The big Sheepshead are biting good out on the reefs and rock piles in water 22-30ft deep. We caught 3 over 10lbs using live shrimp, some people like to chum as well, the best is crushed oysters and shells.

I got some info on a new homemade chum made of rice, clam juice and menhaden oil mixed with saltwater to expand the rice, I'm gonna try it and let you know how it works, I'm also going to try mixing sand with it so it sinks faster, I'll let you know how it works in the next report.

As of now the speckled trout are still in the back marsh area. But also moving back out on the grass flats and around the island’s and sand bars.
The best reports are in the mid afternoon when the sun warms up the waters.
The deeper channels in between bars and about 5-8ft have been productive as well. The sheepshead are still biting around the piers and shallow rocks and sand trout and whiting are there also.

Hello Big Bend lovers, Just a quick note to let you know we’re alive and well here in Steinhatchee. The river Trout fishing really hasn’t turned into much this year. The mild weather has allowed the water temps to stay mostly in the 60′s. Oh yeah, there are few folks catching fish in the river, but I tend to believe there are some fish that have made it home, and they are there all year.

The best fishing is up and down our coast in the tidal ditches and potholes. On days that warm up with southern breezes and sunshine, the flats adjacent the same creek and tidal ditches will have large Speckled Trout hunting a meal. Unseasonable warm up will bring Reds out on the same flats.

We’re having a great time this winter, I don’t have as many customers this time of year, but the ones I’ve had were glad. 2.5 lb average for a limit of Trout is pretty good. You may have heard me say about winter fishing, ” It will be real good or real slow!”. So far we’ve had only one slow day. And remember, no more February Trout closure.

GOD Bless and Good Fishing

This Steinhatchee Fishing Report is from Steinhatchee Fishing Guide Captain Steve Kroll

*I originally posted this in my Steinhatchee Fishing Reports

Speckled trout we caught on a resent trip
Freshwater Fishing Forum / Re: Ocklawaha Fishing Report
« Last post by Captain Nick on Jan 09, 2013 »
The Largemouth Bass bite on the Ocklawaha River has continued to improve over the last couple of weeks.  Good numbers of keeper fish have been caught both in the early morning and late afternoon hours.

Wild shiners fished in and around the heavy cover are your best bet for that lunker Largemouth.  Look for the numbers to continue to improve as the spawning Bass come off the bed.

*Originally published this in's Freshwater Fishing Reports.

Pictured below are a few examples of our most recent catches

Freshwater Fishing Forum / Re: Ocklawaha Fishing Report
« Last post by Captain Nick on Jan 02, 2013 »

Despite the majority of Bass on the Ocklawaha River being on the bed, we are still getting good numbers of quality fish on most every trip.  Recent cold fronts have triggered the Largemouths to feed, and I expect this trend to improve as out most recent spawn nears it's end sometime in January.

*Originally published this in OutdoorUpdate's Freshwater Fishing Reports.

Here are some of our recent pics

Yankeetown Fishing Report, The Red Fish bite has slowed over the past few weeks on the Gulf. Recently the best bite has been early in the a.m., and in extremely shallow water.
That is typical for this time of year. As water temps drop, the window of opportunity narrows. Many of the pelagic species have migrated, and the native populations are searching the warmer waters local to our region.
Fortunately the Big Bend has an abundance of spring fed creeks and rivers that hold lots of fishes throughout the winter months. Crystal River, Homosassa, and the Withalacoochee River entrance, just to name a few.
Remember the ‘T’s: time, tide, and temperature. Expect the Spotted Sea Trout bite to improve as the upcoming spawn approaches.
Freshwater Fishing Forum / Re: Ocklawaha Fishing Report
« Last post by Captain Nick on Dec 15, 2012 »
December Ocklawaha Fishing Report, the bass bite on the Ocklawaha River slowed a bit over the past week. Although we’re still catching quality fish, the numbers are down. I expect this trend to continue as the Largemouths bed over the next few weeks. Look for the bite to improve, and the numbers to go up after the spawn.
Water levels on the River are extremely low. As always use caution when on the water.
One Of Our Recent Clients Showing Off His Catch.

The Speckled Trout are starting to move in the back marsh areas and in 5 to 8ft grassy areas. The reds have been a little slow but can be caught around the islands and oyster bars. Both are being caught using live shrimp, frozen finger mullet, mud minnows and Berkley Gulp baits.
I look for the next couple of weeks bringing a little more action since the weather has been a little warmer. Also the Sheephead are biting around the docks and oyster bars and it wont be long before the big ones start their spawning in the deeper water reefs. So for real hunting come on down to Cedar Key and get your lines wet.

In 28 to 30 ft the Sea Bass are biting good and the notorious “Florida snapper” are always hungry, we’re catching both using squid or cut sardines or thread fin herring.
The Gag Grouper are there too but we can’t keep em right now :(. The Red Grouper are biting good in 48 to 60 ft, using live pin fish or frozen thread fin or sardines, I’ve caught some bigger ones on menhaden and Boston mackerel.
The Amber Jacks are thick on the wrecks and structures in 60 ft or better, we’re using live pins or diamond jigs. And by the end of the month we should be looking for Sheephead on the reefs at 25 to 30 ft.
Here's a link to some photos of gun accidents I placed in our photo album

Gun Accidents

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