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It is a nice shot bro...
thank you
Freshwater Fishing Forum / Take Up Your Set Hooks
« Last post by Flatlander on Mar 29, 2016 »
I was walking along the Little Saint Marys River a few months ago and saw this. The remains of a blue herring caught in a set hook. I'm not the best tree hugger  type in the world but this is depressing to see wildlife die like this.
Another sad thing is I think I saw the guys that set this hook set out. I'm assuming it's the same one's I saw setting out a set hook about 75 ft from this one.
Today's social work for me is to post this.

So what I ended up doing was setting down, watching TV of course and for a couple of weeks off and on for a few minutes at each setting I cycled the action. Now to me the action seems to be a lot smother.
Link on yahoo about a 54 year old guy in West Texas that contracted West Nile virus

Reminds me of a coach in central Florida in good shape in his early 30's or so about 10 years ago that contracted it, lived as a paraplegic for a while and then passed away. Sad.
Have had nice weather here in Cedar Key, there were numerous reports of catches of good size Spotted Trout and Sand Trout. The red fish are still in the Back Marsh areas but I believe by mid April the water will be in the 70′s and they'll come out and play.  Also the Spanish Mackerel will be here as well.
Just a heads up, the Largemouth bite on the Ocklawaha River last week was great. caught and released several Bass between 6 and 8 lbs. as well as several limits of keeper-sized fish.

Here's just one of the fish we caught
42 pounds

A quote " Apparently it got so plump, and heavy, by feeding on pellets that drifted downstream from the salmon farm". We need some of those.
Wonder how much is meat and how much is fat.
Freshwater Fishing Forum / Re: Ocklawaha Fishing Report
« Last post by Captain Nick on Mar 17, 2013 »
Bass fishing on the Ocklawaha River has been very productive over the past few weeks. Lots of Largemouths between 3 and 6 pounds have been caught with the occasional wall hanger being the rule rather than the exception. We’ve had several reports of trophy fish being caught in different locations along the Ocklawaha River. From Moss Bluff to Rodman Dam, the Largemouth bite has been hot throughout the region.
Wild shiners remain to be the best bait, and early morning or late afternoon seems to be the best time.
Check out Joe from Ohio with his first Ocklawaha Largemouth. Can’t think of a better way to celebrate a 14th birthday!

*Originally published this in my OutdoorUpdate's Freshwater Fishing Reports.
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