Steinhatchee Fishing GuideHey All, I can feel fall in the morning air. Now by the afternoon it will be in the 90’s. You will need a jacket for the am boatride and wish it was still scallop season by lunch.

Things are changing. Water temps are dropping, bait schools are everywhere, fish are busting the surface and birds are diving.

The flats are alive. Speckled Trout will bite almost any thing. If you find a school of shorts, you could catch one every cast.

If you desire to catch some big enough to keep, you will have to move. I know, that kind of fun can be hard to stop. But I hear it all the time at the dock, “where did you catch those fish, all we caught was short Trout”. My question to them is, “did you move out of them”. Fish normally school by size, so if your not catching keepers, go on the hunt.

Redfish pose a different challenge. They are schooled also, it will be easy to miss them by a couple of boat lengths. When you do find them, it’s difficult to stay in front of them. This is one of those times reading water can be very helpful. As I said about Trout, Reds will bite almost anything.

All the other species available this time of year make it great fun. Sand trout, sea bass, Spanish and some King Mackerel, Blues, Jacks, and Lady fish make for a fun day.

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GOD Bless and Good Fishing,

This Steinhatchee Fishing Report is from Steinhatchee Fishing Guide Captain Steve Kroll

Steinhatchee Red Fish

Looks like everyone enjoys September in Steinhatchee

Fishing In Steinhatchee is a Community Event

Yes it's that time of year! The fishing (fishin) is getting good.

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The peace and quiet of the river, the cast of the rod, the strike, and the sound of your voice saying,

"I Got One",

ringing across the water and into the forest.

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