Its Cool Out in Cedar Key and Suwannee But the Fish Are There.

November 21, 2008

To get a Cedar Key and Suwanee, Florida Fishing Report I called Don at Cedar Key Marina. He says that big trout are being caught and that the Sheep Head are going like gang busters. He was at the Cedar Key pier yesterday and a man had caught some 24 trout and ended up catching his limit from the pier. He also said people were catching good Sheep Head by the pilings. Don wondered over to the docks and all the charters came back with good catches. Several had 25lb Red Grouper on them. One had a Bonita and a good size […]

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Big Bend Fishing Forecast (no hog futures here)

October 29, 2008

Fishing “Futures” Typically, I don’t make predictions. Most of my fishing partners would agree it’s bad “juju”. On this occasion, I will make an exception (with conditions). In my opinion, if these cold fronts we are now experiencing continue, and we get a cooler than average winter, as predicted by the wether Pro’s, I think we are looking at a terrific fall/winter season for both salt and freshwater fishing. Water temps in the southern Big Bend area have fallen from the lower 80’s a few weeks ago, to the middle 60’s just off the Levy/Citrus County Coasts today. The rivers and lakes […]

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A Quickie for a Cedar Key Fishing Report

October 17, 2008

Cedar Key, Florida & Suwannee Area Fishing Report It’s Friday, this report is a quickie. Don at Cedar Key Marina said that bunches of speckled trout are being caught. A little of everything some people have even caught tarpon. Spanish mackerel and Reds are being hauled in, but sometimes you just got to move around to find them. Grouper have been spotty due to the wind blowing, but seas are two feet today and?Don has several parties going out soooo…… We’ll get a better report Monday. From Cedar Key Marina In Cedar Key Florida

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Cedar Key fishing is good, but the weather will change, so go now!

October 10, 2008

I called Don at Cedar Key Marina and he?s had a busy morning, a lot of people are going out today. He said just about everybody that goes out after Red Fish are getting their limit and that the people after Reds have also been catching flounder on the bars. Don also said this is one of the best flounder years he has ever seen, that the trout are big and are big consistently, that people for the most part are getting their limits and that the sheep head should start moving in soon and that snook are common. Seas […]

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Fishing is Getting Good in Cedar Key, Florida

October 3, 2008

Don at Cedar Key Marina says the water is a little stained but fishing is good and people had good results fishing last weekend. The Grouper are moving in close and some are being caught insight of land. A lot of fish are being caught on the reef and Spanish Mackerel are doing well there also. The Red Fish are biting ?good to great? and the trout are biting well too. The Cobia are showing up and as noted in last week?s report, they are biting as well. This Fishing Report is from Cedar Key Marina Cedar Key Marina is […]

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