Yes, that’s right, I said bedding Bass in July.

It doesn’t happen every year, but under the right conditions, Bass will bed during the summer months.

Recent rainfall has prompted officials to open the dam at Moss Bluff, and with the influx of water comes a new population of Largemouths. These fish, for the most part, have spent most of their lives swimming around in the temperate lake waters to our south. As they enter the Ocklawaha River near Ocala, they encounter the 72 degree water flowing out of the Silver River, which triggers them to spawn. Recently, we’ve caught several Bass in the”pre-spawn” mode, fat and aggressive.

The late afternoons have produced the best numbers, and as always live bait is the only way to go.

Speaking of live bait, Fat Daddy’s Bait and Tackle (out on Hwy. 40 at Forest Corners) has wild shiners for $10.00 a dozen. I would highly recommend picking up a couple dozen for your next trip.

Like I’ve always said “You either got a wild shiner, or you need one”.

‘Till next time, see you on the water…

Good Luck
Captain Nick

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