It’s Either Real Good Or Real Slow

November 28, 2012

Winter has showed up for a day or two and then warmed up. It makes fishing the flats here off the Nature Coast interesting. Water temps are key to deciding where and how to fish. If you watch the local weather they tell you Gulf water temp is 68 degrees. On a cold night the flats water temp will be a good bit lower. The resident Speckled Trout and Redfish will move to areas where the water temp is more stable, deeper areas, holes, creek ditches and of course rivers. We can expect that kind of movement back and forth, […]

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Number One Technique For Taking Trophy Largemouths

November 27, 2012

We’ve observed lots of schooling Bass lately, chasing bait both early and late in the day. On Sunday, 11/24, I spotted several buck (male) bass fanning out beds for the upcoming spawn. Yes, Sir, the spawn is on. On a recent trip we caught and released ten Largemouths in about 2 hours. The total weight was over 40 lbs.! This is the best time of year to catch that Bass of a lifetime. One of my favorite techniques for taking Largemouths is to freeline live bait in and around the heavy cover. Wild shiners are without a doubt the best […]

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The Bite Goes On

November 15, 2012

The Largemouth Bass bite on the Ocklawaha River continues. Although the quantity of fish we typically catch has dropped, the quality has improved. On our most recent trip one of my clients landed a “Lunker Largemouth” on his first cast that tipped the scales to 8 lbs.! Not bad for November. Recently the majority of Bass we’ve caught have been 4 to 6 lbs., and fat with roe. These are spawning Largemouths about to go on the bed. They should be handled with care and released. Early morning continues to be the best time to fish, and as always, wild […]

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Let’s Talk About Fishing

November 7, 2012

Well now that we got the election out of the way, let’s talk about fishing in Steinhatchee. Water temps have dropped and the water continues to clear. Speckled Trout bite on the flats has been real good and I expect it will continue until the water drops to levels uncomfortable for the fish. Shallow (3 ft or less ) and cut bait is the strategy I have used. Light jigs such as the Saltwater Assassin 1/16 oz, or Pro Elite with a Saltwater Assassin 5″ Electric Chicken or Pink will work very well if you like to feel a bite […]

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