Hello Steinhatchee Fishing Friends

February 11, 2011

Well what do I say? This is the second winter in a row that fishing has been a real challenge. We’ve had a great time with small Redfish, a occasional keeper, and some outstanding Trout catching. The problem has been the weather, cold, wind and rain. Speckled Trout is closed for February, and frankly, I’m glad they are getting a well deserved break from those who abuse the fishery during the fishes most vulnerable time. I am taking time to do some equipment maintenance. I painted the bottom of the boat, cleaned out and reorganized boat compartments and tackle tubs. […]

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February 10, 2011

One of the best all around fish to catch in the Gulf of Mexico has to be the Sheepshead. Although we typically only see them in the Big Bend Region during the winter months, these pelagics show up every year in big numbers. Not only are they plentiful, they move around in tight schools which make getting your limit a snap, once you’ve found them. We have several spots we fish for them, but like the Grouper, they prefer hard bottom and structure. Years ago we would go from channel marker to marker scraping the barnacles to attract them. A […]

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February 7, 2011

For the past few months we’ve been waiting the first spawn of 2011 for the Largemouth Bass on the Ocklawaha River. Recently, I’ve spotted several beds with only the male or “Buck Bass” present. This is a sure sign that the larger female Largemouths will soon be spawning.  The pre-spawn bite has improved over the past few trips and I expect it to get even better over the next two full moon cycles.  The water depth on the entire Ocklawaha River has been down over the past several months due to recent drought conditions. Use extreme caution when boating. Additionally, […]

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