With A Little Hunting Big Speckled Trout Are There

January 14, 2011

Hey folks, Are you surviving the cold? We have been able to get out a couple times a week since Thanksgiving. But this weather has made it a challenge. The cold temperature is one thing, but put 10-15 knots of wind behind it and it is raw. Our Trout fishing trips have turned into hunting trips a few days, then when we found them it was “game on” or “fish on”. Speckled Trout would be big, and a lot of them. We routinely are releasing over size fish because we have a limit. We also are catching lots of Reds […]

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Largemouth Bass Seeking Shelter

January 7, 2011

Due to the drought we’ve had over the past several months, the waters of the Ocklawaha River have been low and slow. As the water recedes, so does the amount of natural cover several species of fish rely on (most notably Bass), and the bait they feed on. Fortunately, there are several sections of the River that have an abundance of cover where large populations of fish thrive. The Cypress Bayou section of the Ocklawaha River is a prime example. During these drought conditions the Bass, and most importantly the bait, will move into these areas to feed and spawn. […]

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