January 26, 2010

Every so often we have what I refer to as “one of those years”. So far it looks like 2010 is gonna be a doozy!! It all started with new fishing restrictions for bottom or reef fishing from the North Carolina Coast to Key West.  Fortunately this didn’t affect our business, […]

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And The Bite Goes On … And The Bite Goes On

January 25, 2010

The Largemouth bite that is. So far we’ve had a great pre-spawn Bass bite on the Ocklawaha River. Over the past several weeks, I’ve concentrated on the area between the confluence, near Ocala, where the Silver River flows into the Ocklawaha, and Gores Landing just south of Ft. McCoy, with excellent results. […]

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The Trout Are Seeking Warm Water, Fish Accordingly!

January 20, 2010

After our record consecutive days of cold, trout are attempting to survive by doing the only thing they can, and that’s to seek warm water. Seeking warm water, or at least the warmest they can find, will be the fishes key to getting through the cold spell. As the water […]

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FWC Temporarily Closes Snook Bonefish And Tarpon Seasons

January 19, 2010

FWC issues an executive order that temporarily extends closed fishing seasons for snook statewide until September and establishes temporary statewide closed seasons for bonefish and tarpon until April. For more info, the FWC News Release However catch and release is still allowed. For more info Also some good news I […]

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Heads Up On The Florida Fiddler Crab Festval

January 17, 2010

The Fiddler Crab Festival in Steinahatchee, Florida is one of the Florida Festivals that you can call the funnest. If you go, check out? Camp Nemo, there will be cast net demo’s, how to tie knots info, casting suggestions, what bait to use to catch fish in the Big Bend […]

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