It’s All Good

A Yankee Town, Florida and Crystal River Florida Fishing Report
From Gulf Coast Fishing Guide Captain Nick

slick-charters-saltwater-glamour-shotIT’S ALL GOOD

Warmer than usual temperatures for this time of year have the Pelagics, as well as other species, moving in close off the Levy/Citrus County coasts.

Good numbers of Gag Grouper, Cobia, and Spanish Mackerel have recently been taken, as well as Trout and Redfish.

Last week, we limited out on both Gags and Cobia about 18 miles west of Yankeetown/Crystal River. Two of the 6 Cobia caught were over 30 lbs, and the Grouper ranged from 5 to 15 pounds. All were caught on Pinfish.

I haven’t actually fished the Flats recently, but a reliable source tells me that Trout and Mackerel are all over the Grass just north of the Withalacoochee River, aka The Trout Stake Area.

Far as I can tell, It’s all good.

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The Last Two Weeks Have Been A Blast

Steinhatchee Fishing Reports from
Steinhatchee Fishing Guide Captain Steve Kroll

pepperfish_key_galmour_shotHey, Big Bend Flats Fisherman, The last two weeks have been a blast.

Big Trout and Big Reds! Over 20 inch Trout limits have been common with 3 in the last 2 weeks over 25 inches long. On the boga scale, one of those went over 6 lbs.

My parties and I have caught these fish on Saltwater Assassin 5″ shads on 1/16 oz SWA jigheads, also cutbait, mainly pinfish, locally known as shiner tails.

Redfish are still bunched up and easily missed, and somedays have been finicky to bite. But oversize reds have been common on the flats.

Do your best to keep the fight short, snap a couple photos and get them back into the water, hold by the tail until the fish swims out of your hand.

Top all that off with Cobia on the flats, Spanish Macks, big Bluefish and Jack Crevalle, You are sure to get your string pulled.
Come see us in Steinhatchee and Enjoy God’s creation and his?Good fishing
God Bless, Good Luck and Good Fishing
Captain STEVE

A Red like this makes you glad you went to Steinhatchee to fish with Captain Steve
A Red like this makes you glad you went to Steinhatchee to fish with Captain Steve
Ain't trout pretty? And they taste good too.
Ain't trout pretty? And they taste good too.